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Middle & High School Success

Tips for Parents

Use these tips to support your children's middle school and high school success, both during the school year and over summer vacation.

School Year

  • Ask your child how school was every day and really listen to their answer.
  • Implement "quiet time" at home when everyone is expected to do homework, read or sit quietly. It sends a message that education is important to you.
  • Even if you can't help your teen with her homework, support her by creating a space where she can focus.
  • Ask your child what excites him about going to school. Sports? Clubs? A specific teacher? Friends?
  • Talk to your child's teacher to learn what it takes to get promoted to the next grade and whether your child is on track.
  • Ask your teen what kind of careers interest her.
  • Encourage your teen to write and draw. Get him a journal or notebook where he can be creative.
  • Learn what it takes to graduate from high school in your teen's district and encourage him to stay on track.
  • Practice math daily, as part of cooking, grocery shopping, tracking weather, etc. Teaching your teen to read a recipe, measure ingredients and divide portions equally is a great way to learn fractions.
  • Invite your child to share a special meal or time with you.
  • Talk to the Boys & Girls Club staff and mentor working with your child to find out how you can work together.


  • READ! Encourage your teen to read newspapers, magazines, books, comics, the Internet, etc.
  • Get a copy of the school's summer reading list for your teen's reading level.
  • Read news articles aloud together and then discuss what you have read. Encourage your teen to speak out on local issues that are important to him. For example, have him write a letter to the editor of the newspaper or to a government official.
  • Have your teen teach you something that she knows how to do, like set up a page on a social networking site or send a text message on your phone.
  • Keep a regular routine. Though summer should be more relaxed, young people still need some structure to guide their days and keep sleeping well and eating right.
  • Do good deeds. Encourage your teen to serve others in your community by doing yard work for an elderly neighbor, visiting a nursing home or hospital, donating toys or working at a food bank or animal shelter.
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