From Club Kid to Staff Member
As a Club member, Logan discovered a passion in technology that developed into a career.
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Growing up in Oshkosh Wisc., Logan S. was looking for direction in his life. Raised by his grandmother while his mother searched for her own way, Logan did not have strong role models to keep him on a path to graduation or for the working world.

 Then Logan found the Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh.  

At the Club, Logan was exposed to many positive role models and his leadership skills began to develop. He participated in many Club programs, including Keystone Clubs, athletic activities and was a candidate for Youth of the Year for several years. But, Logan really began to shine in the Computer Lab. The Digital Arts Suite, made possible by Microsoft and Comcast, unlocked a passion in Logan for creating music. Not only did Logan learn and develop new skills for himself, but he became a mentor to younger kids in the Club and helped teach them how to make music online.

With the Club behind him, Logan did graduate from high school, but his Club knew he still needed direction. Logan was paired with a mentor from the Club, who continued to give him the direction and push he needed in his life. 

Today Logan is a proud staff member with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oshkosh. According to his manager, Logan is the one young man that can always be counted on to do whatever is needed in the Club. If someone is needed to help in the games room or to provide homework help, Logan is there. If there are needs in the community beyond the Club, Logan is the first to step up and organize clothing or donation drives. He sets an example for his peers and is a positive role model for the younger kids in the Club.

Just as when he was a Club kid, Logan’s passion continues to be technology and digital arts. He is now the technology advisor, ensuring the next generation of Club kids in Oshkosh has access to and excels in technology. Logan’s leadership has had a tremendous impact on his kids and one of the young men he advises, Caleb C., was just named a national winner in the Digital Arts Festival. 

Logan is a young man with a great future in front of him. Thanks to the Club, he found a safe place to grow and learn.  Thanks to Club Tech, he found a passion that has become a career.


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