Blake McGuire

Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis

Blake McGuire, 15, has always had a passion for music. He started writing poetry at the age of nine and quickly realized he had a passion for writing music. He often turned his poems into raps and put them to beats his older brother created on the computer.

Before he joined Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, Blake had a lot of time to make choices and get involved in things that were not the best for him. The Club turned out-of-school time into a positive and fun experience that truly turned his life around.

Last fall Blake participated in the Money Matters program at his Club and “enjoyed every minute.” The program gave him knowledge on how to approach his generation’s money problems and taught concepts like every day budgeting. Through the Money Matters Music Mogul contest, he was able to combine newfound financial concepts with his love of music. What he didn’t expect was for teens around the country to rally behind him and vote him as the fan favorite among all top contest entries (more than 100,000 votes were cast for Blake!). He was surprised a second time when he was named the contest winner. "My feelings toward winning this contest are indescribable, and I am so appreciative and look forward to the experience of working with a successful producer like Khao," he says. "The Money Matters program is very important in helping teens understand money. You can come into the program not knowing who is on the front of a twenty dollar bill and leave signing checks."

Blake is described by his Club staff as an ambitious young man that is very well mannered and respectful to his peers and adults. Outside of Money Matters, he is involved in Passport to Manhood (promotes and teaches responsibility and reinforces character, leadership and positive behavior to Club boys), Date SMART (shows members how to achieve mutually supportive relationships) and the Career Launch programs (career exploration and mentoring for teens).

A freshman in high school, Blake would love to pursue a music career and perform his work. He also has plans to attend college and get a degree after high school.