Meet the 2013 Money Matters Music Mogul Contest Winner!
Teen from Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis Named the Grand Prize Winner in National Hip Hop Contest
Money Matters: Make It Count!

This year’s Money Matters Music Mogul Contest, sponsored by Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Charles Schwab Foundation, brought creative collaboration from teens around the country mixing hip hop beats with financial literacy lyrics. Congratulations to Blake McGuire of Indianapolis who was named the fan favorite and grand prize winner for his song Money All That Matters!

Learn more about Blake and download information for publicity as needed.

Media Contacts
Amy Lamparter
Boys & Girls Clubs of America
phone: 404-487-5856

Our 2013 Money Matters Music Mogul Contest winner is Blake McGuire, a Club member from Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis. Photos (High Res - 36 MB) featuring Blake, Producer Kevin "Khao" Cates and Boys & Girls Club members are located in a ZIP file for your review and use.  Several of Blake's photos in a low resolution format are also available for download below.

 Blake McGuire  Blake McGuire Blake McGuire
Blake McGuire Photo
Low Res - download
Blake McGuire Photo
Low Res - download
Blake McGuire Photo
Low Res - download

Money Matters Music Mogul Album!
With all the talent presented by Boys & Girls Club teens over the past two contests, BGCA and Charles Schwab Foundation are creating the first ever financial literacy hip hop album! Club teens from around the country show off their skills and money knowledge with these songs. Produced by Kevin “Khao” Cates, the album will be released mid-April. All proceeds made from album downloads will benefit teens featured on the M4 album.

Watch Blake and his peers as they learn he won!

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