Bank of America

Bank of America has committed more than $3.5 million in grant support of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s strategy to expand Clubs' reach to serve more American youth while simultaneously increasing the impact of core programming.

Currently, Bank of America is funding Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s job readiness program, CareerLaunch.  This career exploration and mentoring program for teens aims to take some of the guesswork out of education and career decisions. Using an interactive Web site, background materials and volunteer mentors, CareerLaunch exposes teens ages 13–18 to a variety of careers and motivates them to take steps toward reaching their career goals.

The program, available to more than 2,800 Clubs nationwide, incorporates a strong mentoring element with practical resources teens can use. Participants can build skills that will help them get a job today, while researching school and career options for future success. Using the available interactive CareerLaunch Web site, teens can also assess their interests and access job profiles that parallel them.

CareerLaunch provides an excellent opportunity for Bank of America employees across the country to work with their local Boys & Girls Clubs. Simple and effective, CareerLaunch is a great tool that allows volunteers to share their knowledge and experience with teens in their communities, letting them imagine what their future could be while helping them take steps to get there.

In addition, Bank of America has a great interest in supporting the next generation of community leaders through its Student Leaders Program. As part of the Student Leaders Program, high school students from around the country, who are recommended as exemplary young people with an interest in improving their neighborhoods, are selected to participate in an eight-week paid internship with a community-based organization, as well as a leadership program arranged by Bank of America.

20% of Club members are 11-12 years of age.