LexisNexis® is a preferred provider of criminal background checks for potential volunteers and employees of Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the United States.
Screening more than 4 million applicants since 2002, the company has identified more than 200,000 potential nonprofit employees or volunteers with criminal convictions - including more than 3000 registered sex offenders. A criminal records check is a necessary element in program screening of potential volunteers and employees. This partnership with LexisNexis® Screening Solutions provides access to a national criminal background check that includes a 50-state sex offender registry as well as state, county, motor vehicle, credit and other valuable searches. Through the partnership, LexisNexis Screening Solutions provides these vital services at discounted rates.

LexisNexis also supports BGCA's risk management publication, Managing Risk: Real Situations. LexisNexis is proud to be able to provide assistance for such innovative programming that will truly help ensure safe environments for children.
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$1.54 Billion = Total revenues of all Clubs and the national organization.