QBE Foundation

QBE Foundation has a simple vision – to help people who are less fortunate begin to realize their full potential. Launched in April 2011, QBE Foundation supports vocational opportunities and initiatives around the world, encouraging individuals and groups to overcome disadvantages and live more independently, productively and successfully.

QBE Foundation is funding implementation of BGCA’s Career Launch Program in 10 Boys & Girls Clubs across the country. CareerLaunch is BGCA’s premier career development program providing a range of services to help Club members develop the skills essential for workforce success. This includes not only getting and keeping a job, but also finding a career that fits each member’s interests and talents. The CareerLaunch website, www.careerlaunch.net, provides Club teens, staff and volunteers with online career exploration, college and job search information and interactive activities.

44% of our Club members are girls.
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