Boys & Girls Clubs Day for Kids
It's About Time!

Day for Kids is a national initiative that invites adults and kids alike to take one day to celebrate what it means to be a kid! For more than a decade, Boys & Girls Clubs across the country and around the world have celebrated the Day with fun indoor and outdoor festivals, walks and picnics.

Day for Kids 2015: A Huge Success
Day for Kids was celebrated on Saturday, September 19, with over 400 Boys & Girls Clubs hosting events for their members and communities. Clubs across the country entertained more than 50,000 Day for Kids attendees with activities such as carnivals, festivals, field days, block parties and open houses.

Stay tuned for information on Day for Kids 2016!

About Day for Kids
Unlike many other countries, America does not have an official day to celebrate its children. Boys & Girls Clubs of America, along with the support of other leading youth-serving organizations, is working to change that by establishing a Saturday in September each year as Boys & Girls Clubs Day for Kids.

Created as a day to foster relationships between adults and children, the mission of BGC Day for Kids is to establish a day to celebrate and honor American children through the gift of meaningful time. Research shows that when adults spend meaningful time with kids it helps them develop a positive self-image and a sense of belonging, usefulness and purpose. Now, more than ever, BGC Day for Kids provides adults and kids an opportunity to take a break from their busy lives and celebrate the wonder of life and the fulfillment of spending time together.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America hopes to make BGC Day for Kids a permanent part of our national culture. Soon we hope the month of September not only recalls the full swing of the fall and back-to-school season, but also BGC Day for Kids, the day we devote our hearts and our minds to our children as a nation.

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