How Boys & Girls Clubs are Serving Local Communities During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I donate now to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and local Clubs?

A. Throughout our 160+ year history, Boys & Girls Clubs have always played a critical role in communities - and that includes navigating the onset of COVID-19. We remain committed to supporting kids and communities in need and are ready to do more. Donations to Boys & Girls Clubs of America directly impact the support provided to local Clubs including youth development, fundraising and parent resources, federal, state and local advocacy, and our collective response in the weeks ahead.  Donations to our COVID-19 relief fund will go directly to help Clubs provide immediate and near-term community support including:

  • Eliminating food insecurity by distributing food, bottled water and other necessary supplies
  • Caring for children of first responders, military families, National Guard, Military Reserve and healthcare workers, medical staff and others who provide essential support to the community
  • Crafting and implementing contingency plans to meet community needs, including when/how to reopen

To make a donation to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, click here.
To make a donation to Boys & Girls Clubs’ COVID-19 relief fund, click here.

Q. If I wanted to donate perishable items to Clubs, can I drop it off?

A. We recommend contacting your local Club to confirm if they are accepting perishable donation items. Please find your local Club and reach out to them directly.

Q. Where do I find updates on Clubs that are closing or will remain open?

A. Please check your local Club website or call for information regarding Club closures. To locate your Club’s contact information, visit Find a Club.

Q. How can I keep my kids engaged & learning during the quarantine?

A. To help you through this, Boys & Girls Clubs of America would like to share with you our Youth Development Toolbox app. Used regularly by Club staff, YD Toolbox includes lots of fun activities and learning opportunities for your children to engage in at home.

Get YD Toolbox from Apple Store
Get YD Toolbox from Google Play

We also are providing access to our premier online learning platform with our national partner Comcast NBCUniversal, MyFuture. Families and caregivers can access these digital resources to learn, create, play, and learn valuable skills like coding and digital arts.

Q. How can I talk to my kids and teens about COVID?

A. In times of uncertainty it is very important to reassure the young people in your life and thoughtfully talk to them about what is going on.

First, hone up on your knowledge. Review the CDC guidelines for healthy habits. Prevention, stopping a problem before it becomes a problem, is the ultimate goal.
Then, read our tips on how to help kids manage the anxiety and stress around Coronavirus.
Other resources for talking to your children about COVID-19 include: 

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