Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion to Inspire Change

Our mission centers around nurturing the enormous, equal potential inside every young person. Every kid and teen deserves access to experiences and opportunities that change their lives for the better– regardless of their socio-economic status, color of their skin, or other factors that contribute to inequity in the U.S. today.

Boys & Girls Clubs work to provide solutions to support racial equity and social justice so that kids, families, and communities can have a better tomorrow.  Clubs are community catalysts, where kids and teens of all races and backgrounds are encouraged to have difficult conversations and use their voices to create positive change:

Building Club leaders and staff to support diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the Club and serve as supportive allies for youth leaders.

Offering inclusive and culturally relevant programs and resources that help nurture and elevate youth voices.

Working with our partners to help ensure Clubs have the tools to enable every young person to reach their full potential.

Clubs provide inclusive environments where youth of all races, abilities, gender expressions, and backgrounds are encouraged to express themselves and are heard. Because youth are the leaders, innovators and problem-solvers that our communities – and our world – need most.