Triple Play: A Game Plan for Mind, Body and Soul

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chuck e cheese Chuck E. Cheese

Championing relationship-building for our young people

Chuck E. Cheese are known to communities all around the country as the go-to center for family fun — and to its youngest patrons, a place where a kid can be a kid. At Chuck E. Cheese, kids are focused on the fun. And while the essence of fun is critical to both the Chuck E. Cheese and Boys & Girls Club experience, positive interactions between kids and teens is also paramount to long lasting impact and brand resonance.

With Chuck E. Cheese’s commitment to anti-bullying and BGCA’s approach to social and emotional resiliency, a deeper partnership between our two organizations can champion relationship-building in an inspiring way, helping to put our young people on the path to a great future. 

Chuck E. Cheese is proud to support Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. On May 15th, the International Day of Families, Chuck E. Cheese will be giving back to the communities and families they serve by donating a percentage of all sales to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Additionally, Chuck E. Cheese is encouraging their customers to support relief efforts through their Round It Up campaign where guests can choose to round up their check to the nearest dollar and have the difference donated to BGCA. Customers also have the opportunity to add-on a custom donation amount of their choice.