For two decades, Microsoft and Boys & Girls Clubs have been changing lives by providing access to technology resources and computer science education to kids and teens. We are working together to close the STEM opportunity gap and ensure young people have a chance to build the technical skills needed to be career-ready, no matter what path they choose. Introducing youth to computer science activities and sparking interest in tech-related careers play a critical role in this effort.

Microsoft has donated more than $150 million in software, cloud services, cash grants and employee time to Boys & Girls Clubs of America and local Clubs to ensure our youth are future-ready with access to digital skills and computer science education. This support has helped build Club technology centers nationwide, allowed Boys & Girls Clubs of America to develop a suite of computer science programs that build in skill level and supported the launch of the My.Future platform.

Ensuring Youth are Future-Ready

Together, we’re working to ensure all kids can realize their full potential by introducing youth to computer science activities and sparking interest in related careers. The partnership brings engaging computer science education experiences to children and teenagers who need it most to ensure all young people have a chance to build the technical skills needed for the modern-day workplace.

During the past three years, Microsoft has assisted in the creation of educational resources to help kids learn basic computational thinking, advanced coding, game design and application development. Leveraging the newly launched My.Future platform, youth can earn digital badges and recognition for computer science skills and accomplishments. Microsoft also supports the back-end technology infrastructure to deliver a smoother user experience for Club members accessing the newly launched My.Future platform.

In addition to educational resources, Microsoft has supported the development of nationally accredited trainings, both offline and online that help Club staff learn skills to administer the programing.

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Advance the Impact of Computer Science Education in Clubs

Through Microsoft’s support, BGCA is advancing the impact of computer science education in Clubs. In addition to technical skill-building, the computer science pathway will incorporate essential social and emotional development that teach young people critical 21st-Century skills.

By incorporating evidence-based strategies for positive youth development, the computer science pathway will create transformative learning experiences for youth.

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Clubs Igniting STEM for Girls

At Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we’re proud to partner with Microsoft to inspire young people across the nation, especially young women like Alsyiana, to realize their potential as big thinkers, coders, explorers, engineers and problem-solvers. They’re the faces of STEM's future and we need them.

As part of Boys & Girls Clubs STEM initiative, the partnership with Microsoft has contributed to changing perceptions with Club youth – especially girls. Boys & Girls Clubs of America research shows Club members in twelfth grade are more than twice as likely to express interest in a STEM career compared to their peers nationally. The results are even more dramatic for female Club members in twelfth grade, who are more than three times as likely to express interest in a STEM career compared to peers nationally.

Build Organizational Capacity and Program Quality

Microsoft supports our goal to increase the quality and sustainability of our computer science programming.

Through a new train-the-trainer model, identified Club staff will receive special instruction and certification in youth development and facilitation of computer science education. This will create a pipeline of experienced trainers who can lead quality education experiences that build foundational youth development competencies and skills specific to computer science programming.

Through this approach, we’ll exponentially grow our training capacity and the impact of our computer science pathway to enable more youth to achieve a great future.

STEM Programs Afterschool

Afterschool programs provide exposure to STEM activities and encourage participation in STEM-related career paths, particularly with youth who come from populations and communities that are underrepresented in STEM fields. They encourage participation through interesting, enjoyable activities that ignite interest and provide opportunities to try something new or practice what they’ve learned in school.

Through project-based learning environments, they offer activities that relate to real-world experiences, which are needed in STEM careers or jobs in any industry. Afterschool STEM programs also provide kids a safe, supportive place where they can be creative, fail, and persevere, enabling the development of youth’s social and emotional skills as well, which are critical to future success.