Boys & Girls Clubs are advocating for youth to have the same opportunities and encouraging young people to harness the power of their voice.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America condemns any act of racism or discrimination. We’ve made it our mission to change the opportunity equation for millions of kids who may not receive the same chance as their peers – sometimes because of their economic status, color of their skin, or other factors that contribute to the cycles of inequity we see in America today.

We advocate for youth to have the same opportunities and encourage young people to harness the power of their voice. We believe it is critical to speak up and take action.

As a nation, we can and must demand change to support Black people and anyone who faces prejudices as a result of systemic racism. Together, we must listen and take action to ensure the future is great for the millions of kids that are counting on us.

Boys & Girls Clubs, as a community-based organization, will be listening, learning, and taking action to support our nation during this critical time of change. Our pledge is to provide more solutions to support work on race, equity, and social justice so that kids, families, and communities can have a better tomorrow. Help get more kids on the road to a greater future.

“As a nation we should expect better, and must do the work of dismantling systemic racism, ultimately ensuring the safety and dignity of all people.”

- Jim Clark, President and CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Our Commitment to Inclusion

We believe every kid has what it takes. The mission and core beliefs of Boys & Girls Clubs fuel our commitment to promoting safe, positive and inclusive environments for all. Boys & Girls Clubs of America supports all youth and teens – of every race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic status, and religion – in reaching their full potential.