Club kids playing dodgeball

Encourage kids to get moving by getting involved in non-traditional sports. Read more to get ideas from Buffalo Wild Wings and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Non-Traditional Sports: How Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Buffalo Wild Wings are Getting More Kids Up & Moving

At Boys & Girls Clubs, we believe in creating environments where all kids and teens can be healthy, active and thrive. Every year, we help youth experience the joy of belonging to a team while learning sportsmanship, teamwork and valuable social skills. 

But while some kids can’t wait to swing a racket, score a goal or hike a football, for others, playing organized sports can be intimidating – both physically and emotionally.  

Discover how Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Buffalo Wild Wings are teaming up to help more kids and teens get in the game through non-traditional sports. 

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Back to Basics: Why Physical Literacy Is Important for Youth

When it comes to encouraging youth physical activity, Boys & Girls Clubs have been stepping up to the plate for over 160 years. From basketball courts to swimming pools, we provide sports facilities where young people can play dozens of sports while coaches and athletics staff motivate them to try their best and have fun. 

Access to these athletic opportunities, mentoring and equipment all foster what’s known as “physical literacy” in young people, or the ability, confidence and desire to be physically active for life.

  1. Ability refers to a young person’s capacity to perform physical skills that build their strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. This is achieved through a mix of informal play and intentional teaching. When youth grow their physical skillsets, trying new or challenging activities becomes easier.

  2. Confidence is a young person’s self-assurance in their ability to be physically active and to overcome challenges. Inclusive programs and venues that accommodate youth with differing abilities can build this type of confidence, as well as unwavering support from parents, caregivers and peers.

  3. Desire is a young person’s enthusiasm to be physically active and to enjoy physical activity. This is achieved through early positive experiences that are fun and motivate children to do their best. 

Youth with strong physical literacy are able to navigate a variety of physical activities in different environments. They also develop fine motor, tactical and social-emotional skills and build healthy habits and routines to carry into adulthood.


Bringing Non-Traditional Sports to Boys & Girls Clubs

Club kids playing cornhole

Team sports can help youth build character and skills for success on and off the field – perseverance, self-confidence, creativity, problem-solving and social skills are just a few. 

However, many young people are not motivated by competition or are simply uninterested in traditional sports. So, how can we ensure they don’t miss out on the skill-building opportunities that set them up to become healthy, active adults? 

Non-traditional sports may be the answer you’ve been looking for! Non-traditional sports are physical activities that are not usually considered “mainstream” sports (think: teams in uniforms). They include out-of-the-box physical activity, like rock climbing and martial arts, as well as slower-paced activities like table tennis.  

The biggest benefit of nontraditional sports is that they enable every young person to find a physical activity that is right for them, strengthening their confidence and physical abilities, all while building their appreciation for being active.  

Through our partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings, Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s ALL STARS program organizes many traditional youth sports like soccer, flag football and basketball, but it also gives Club kids the opportunity to try out non-traditional sports as well. 

In celebration of Boys & Girls Club of America’s 10-year partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida hosted their very own “Innovation Day” to get all Club kids up and moving. Buffalo Wild Wings led Club members in participating in all kinds of non-traditional sports – pickleball, dodgeball, cornhole, kickball and more.  

Club kids playing dodgeball

With so many options available, there's sure to be a non-traditional sport the young person in your life will love, too! Learn more about how Boys & Girls Clubs of America help young people stay active, set and achieve goals and grow into self-sufficient adults. 

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s ALL STARS program is sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings, and works to ensure all young people have access to team sports, the pride of wearing a jersey and the ability to create lifelong skills on the field or court. We're honored to celebrate 10 years of partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings generously raising and donating more than $27 million to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs. Buffalo Wild Wings' guests can join their mission through donations from the purchase of sauce and seasoning bottles, and fundraising events in restaurants across the country. 


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