Play Ball

Thinking Outside the Diamond

Play Ball new logoPLAY BALL allows youth to increase their overall fitness while learning the fundamental skills of baseball and softball through fun and enriching activities.

The PLAY BALL initiative ( is baseball’s collective effort to encourage young people and communities to engage in baseball- or softball-related activities, including formal leagues,special events and casual forms of play. PLAY BALL events demonstrate the positive way the game can serve as an outlet for physical activity, fun with friends and learning how to play the sport at its most basic levels. PLAY BALL also serves as the League’s youth umbrella in which all associated programs and events derive from the initiative’s consistent, simple message:However You Play Ball, PLAY BALL! Chevrolet, Scotts and Kingsford generously support PLAY BALL. For three consecutive years, baseball and softball have combined to rank as the most participated team sports in the United States in 2019 (25.1 million participants), according to the annual Topline Participation Report produced by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA). Also,according to the report, baseball has seen a 55% rise in casual participation since the launch of the PLAY BALL initiative.