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and learn about drone flying.  “Tyler’s passion for virtual learning and online programs slowly empowered him to take on leadership experiences, including becoming the ‘tech

with school districts to offer a safe place for kids to learn and grow,” Markus said.  Markus said that many parents, who chose virtual learning over in-person schooling, live in neighborhoods

resources to help them manage their child(ren)’s virtual learning needs, along with their own remote work schedules.  Boys & Girls Clubs of America is committed to ensuring Club members

kids spur fascination in aeronautics, the principles of electricity and chemical reactions through working with everyday items. Thanks to the DIY STEM program and Club virtual learning platforms

and snacks, virtual learning labs for students without digital access at home, and childcare for frontline workers. Through generous support from caring donors and partners, Clubs have been able to be agile

Our nation is facing challenges unlike anything previously encountered. Young people across the world are adjusting to a new normal of social distancing and virtual learning. While every community

Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation are creating virtual learning experiences to stay connected to their Club members and maintain a safe learning environment during prolonged social distancing

virtual school, and continuing to offer a safe place for kids and teens to learn and grow. “Our Clubs are continuing to adapt and adjust to the everchanging landscape to keep our kids learning

. Claudia was one of more than 140 teens who secured virtual paid work opportunities through Boys & Girls Clubs of Dane County’s first-ever Digital Career Experience. Teens worked remotely

-feeding meal programs to providing virtual learning support and devices to help kids succeed during an at-home or hybrid schoolyear, Clubs continue to meet kids where they are during the pandemic